Brenner & Schiff Radio Show

Developed by leading family therapist Mark L. Brenner, MF, Ph.D (The Family Whisperer and founder of Parenting Without Therapy), the Bully Alert Plus is a powerful tool that automatically sends a text or e-mail alert to an assigned school official letting them know you have been bullied, witnessed bullying or any other issue you want to be contacted for. In other words, when you see something, say something!

It's easier for students to report bullying, if they know the right adult in charge will be making the first contact. Most students are too embarrassed to walk into the front office of their school to report they were bullied or saw someone being bullied. Now, with a push of a button, the school finds the student who sent the alert, to get the facts (very discreetly) and then catch that bully.

Dr. Brenner tells students across the country "it takes leadership and courage to push the button." Studies show students who identify bullies immediately, will have less repeat incidents and boost self-confidence faster. Students report they prefer to handle conflicts on their own before telling their parents.

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