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Parenting Without TherapyTM is a four step blueprint every parent has been waiting for. The blueprint is based on one single axiom: If you change the parent’s reaction, you change the child’s behavior.If you change the parent’s reaction, you change the child’s behavior.Right Quote Although there are hundreds of guiding words and actions we need to say and do with our children to bring them up emotionally fit and morally strong, Dr. Brenner has reduced the most important reactions to a critical four—and that is what makes this book so different. Imagine, only four critical communication skills applied consistently, and you can prevent all serious relationship issues between parent and child.

We know from our research that the divorce rate trend lines continue to increase. The way to avoid future high conflict family relationships and divorces is to inoculate children with the Parenting Without TherapyTM blueprint. Few things are as unattractive as watching an adult behave like a child: Ignoring and interrupting, storming out of a room or blaming others. These adults, who mean well, have difficulty behaving well. Thirty years ago, pioneers like John Bradshaw, conducted intensive weekend workshops aimed at helping these adults escape their own “wounded inner child” experiences. The truth is, many of these adults are emotionally trapped in their own childlike behavior!

Parenting Without TherapyTM workshops was developed to help parents avoid having their children see a child psychologist. Children who have healthy parent-child relationships are more prepared to act their age, accept responsibility, and master the elusive quality of self-control when they become adults. It is my intention that after attending my Parenting Without TherapyTM workshop, you will shift from a mindset of what you think works best at any given moment, to an unalterable established set of principles that all children need whether they are experiencing difficulty or happily sailing through a developmental stage.

Parenting Without TherapyTM will not make your child smarter in math, a faster reader, better at sports or more organized. However, this parenting blueprint will reach the deepest parts of your child’s potential, making him feel or her feel, “I like who I am becoming”. They are tools to deepen the trust levels between parent and child. They will create a relaxed atmosphere in your home of honesty and openness. They will help inoculate your child against the natural tendencies to act out, and will avoid the parent-child cycle of nag, beg, and argue. They represent the critical foundation between parent and child, so that a child who is experiencing behavioral problems can be reached in the first place.

When you communicate a deep understanding you teach empathy and self-awareness. When you speak with complete respect, you boost self-worth and create a safe environment to accept feedback about all behavior. When you enforce consequences, you teach self-control And finally, when you express an unrelenting optimism in your child’s potential, you are motivating your child to overcome fear and self-doubt to become self-confident. Applied consistently, this 4 step blueprint will imbue your children with empathy, self-worth, self-control and self confidence. Now that’s a blueprint for life! Sound too simple? Wait till you experience the results.