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Group therapy is offered separately to adults, as well as children, within the same age and gender who experience similar psychological issues. The main benefit of group therapy is that suddenly, individuals who are experiencing specific difficulties are not alone. They are surrounded by others who have the same anxieties and emotional issues. Feedback from group members also offers a critical element to accepting the truth. After all, if everyone is giving an individual the same feedback about how they behave, it must be true.

Group therapy naturally simulates family experiences which allow early dynamic issues to emerge.Right QuoteMembers also gain a certain sense of identity and social acceptance from their membership in the group. Seeing how others deal with similar issues, often provides new solutions to their problems. As a result, the group provides a safe forum in which to practice new behaviors. Group therapy naturally simulates family experiences which allow new dynamic issues to emerge.

Studies have shown that group psychotherapy sessions benefit those who participate in them. Ideally, patients leave with a better understanding and acceptance of themselves, along with stronger interpersonal and coping skills. With the exception of young children, all members are asked to sign and maintain confidentiality about other members.