Best Psychologist Author, National Parenting Expert

If we understand behavior, we can better predict it. If we can predict it, we can more easily prevent it.Right QuoteDr. Mark L. Brenner, is one of the most respected national parenting experts and Marriage and Family Therapists in the field of early childhood development, adolescence and high-conflict family issues. Known as “The Family Whisperer”, Dr. Brenner helps children and families make stunning changes with his most unusual brand of house calls.

His dedication and commitment to families is well known. He is also the founder of the life changing, Parenting Without Therapy® workshops, and Parent Fitness® workshops, which help parents build spectacular parent-child relationships. He is also founder...

of, a confidential e–mail service for parents to communicate sensitive information between each other and their schools.

Dr. Brenner is the author of many parenting books, including When No Gets You Nowhere! published in 5 languages, Pacifiers, Bottles, Blankets and Thumbs, and his new best seller, Raising an Adult. Dr. Brenner is also a contributing writer for a wide range of parenting books and magazines.
Dr. Brenner continues to work closely with many private and public schools and lectures on a wide range of behavioral subjects. He has taught at the post graduate level in child and adolescent psychology at Cal State University and is currently an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University. Dr. Brenner maintains his private practice in Sherman Oaks, California.