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Frequently, when people decide they would benefit from seeing a therapist, they are already experiencing significant upset in their lives. At the most obvious level, adults rarely enter therapy or parent skills training enthusiastically.It is not so much the difference between good schools of therapy and bad schools of therapy, but between good therapists and bad therapists.Right Quote
As a result, resistance is likely to become a factor. However, once you begin the process, it will be important to keep an open mind. Discovering undesirable behaviors within yourself, often create uneasy feelings.

At different times you may want to quit. But consider: You sought the skill of a highly trained licensed therapist because of specific psychological issues being experienced, either within yourself, between you and your children or between you and your husband. During those moments of self-doubt, stay focused on what truths you have discovered during the process. If you have learned little, you may have the wrong therapist. It is also important to understand, that often it is not so much the difference between good schools of therapy and bad schools of therapy, but between good therapists and bad therapists. Research has shown rather consistently that the therapist/client relationship is a critical factor for a successful outcome. Still, a therapist who is just perfect for one person, may not be a good fit for someone else.

So how do you find a good therapist? Word of mouth is a good starting place. If someone you know and respect has had good success with a particular therapist, that’s a good sign. In addition, look for a therapist who has areas of behavior specialties such as: early childhood, adolescent depression, PTSD, high conflict family issues or spectrum behaviors.So how do you find a good therapist? Choose wisely.Right Quote
Other places to look for a good therapist are schools, synagogues and churches where therapists give community talks. Be sure they offer concrete and incisive strategies not just a run of the mill lectures and funny stories.

Finally, should you ever need to find a good child therapist, one word of caution. When you go to the office of a child psychologist, look for a relaxed space where the child gains an immediate feeling, “I can be myself here,” rather than an office that looks more like a “serious place” for “serious talk,” with a few scattered toys strategically placed. A skilled and experienced play therapist has a room specifically dedicated for such work and is fluent in Play Therapy procedures.